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Reviews and Testimonials

We are devoted to the practice of U.S. Immigration Law and assist clients with a wide range of legal questions and issues. Our goal is to provide individualized, personal service. Our attorneys are proactive, responsive and accessible. We are proud of our work and commitment to help our clients navigate the complex legal process and serve as an advocate to ensure that justice is served on their behalf.

My name is PM. I relocated from Ireland in June 2018 when I married LM who works and lives in Maine. We now have a new home and I have just been granted a Green Card. Initially I was going to attempt to navigate this process myself but was advised to seek professional guidance. Thankfully I did and I am so glad I found Leslie Silverstein at Maine Immigration Attorneys. She was reassuring professional and clear from the outset.  It was obvious from our first meeting that even though we had done thorough research we were about to make some fundamental errors. What could have been a stressful and potentially unfruitful struggle became a very straightforward gathering of documents and evidence. Leslie and her P.A. Kristin kept us on track and were available when advice or reassurance were needed. 

I felt that the team at Maine Immigration Attorneys were behind us all the way. For anyone planning to go through this process I recommend that you engage an Immigration Attorney and I couldn’t recommend Leslie more highly.” -PM/client


"Leslie possesses all the qualities of the best advocates. She is able to quickly understand the details of a case and get to the center of a reasonable outcome for her clients. She has excellent negotiating and hearing skills, while at the same time her open and respectful demeanor allows her clients to quickly feel comfortable with her guidance through what can be a difficult and stressful process. In addition to this, Ms. Silverstein is able to work with opposing attorneys and defendants in a way that promotes appropriate outcomes as they respond to her clarity and openness to finding a safe and fair resolution. Her strong ethical standards become quickly apparent to anyone observing her work." 

J. H./colleague

"We, the H. family, cannot express how grateful we are to Phil. We were facing 30 years in prison, with multiple felonies. Due to the expertise of Phil, along with a team of two other attorneys, the felonies were dropped and we are free men! I feel that he saved our lives! I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Phil, for saving our family."  

The H. Family/client


"I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me. Your help has been invaluable. When I got in touch with you, my whole world had been turned upside down. You came into my life and saved me. No amount of money could ever make up for the work you did for me and my case. Never will I forget your commitment and your "won't take no for an answer" attitude. For me, what you did, in the time you had, you're amazing. Thank you for everything, Leslie."

- J. N./client

"I have no words to express my gratitude to you for staying by our side since day one. The immigration process would be long and upsetting for my family and I, but you stayed perseverant without backing down; your encouragement made our days better and stress-free . We sincerely owe you a lot of thanks, my family and I, for you did everything you could for us, using your human skills in addition to your highest level of professionalism. While you were helping me to prepare my immigration file, I was truly impressed by your capacity of listening, and by the thoughtful and compassionate attorney that you were; I had your full attention. Your help gave all of hope, your support made us who we are today. All my family members feel blessed to have you in our lives. You are a gifted attorney, ever. Thank you again and again. We wish you the best and a lot of blessings for many more years." 

L. H./client